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The Phaedra Project


Adapted from Jean Racine & Euripides
Directed by Beth Raas
2006/2007 Season


November 3-19, 2006
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays Nov. 12 & 19 at 2:00pm
The Chamber Theater on Capitol Hill


Since July, director and ensemble have been exploring the themes of obsession, secrets, time, and monsters in the Greek story of Phaedra. The result is The Phaedra Project, opening November 3rd, 2006 .

Passion fights order in this classical story of fatal love. The queen desires her stepson, he loves a political prisoner, and the king seeks vengeance as they all struggle against time. This powerful retelling of the myth of Phaedra combines the plays of Racine and Euripides into a gripping ensemble piece that questions our own secrets and their power over the lives of those we love.

Cast / Crew

Daniela Melgar as Aphrodite/Ismene/Panope
Jessica Stepka as Aricia
Aaron Wagner as Hippolytus
Kara Whitney as Oenone
Margaret Bicknell as Phaedra
Michael Oaks as Theramenes
Edwin Scheibner as Theseus

Beth Raas Director
Erin Fortier Assistant Director
Sarah Kessler Stage Manager
Stephanie Stroud Costume Designer
Roxanne Ray Dramaturg
Steve Cooper Lighting Designer
Ann Marie Caldwell Set Designer
Maurice Smith Sound Designer
Louise Butler Sound Board Op


Seattle Weekly says, “Lovers of language shouldn’t miss this adaptation of the plays of Racine and Euripides, in which passion tears apart a royal family who repeatedly, eloquently damn each other to hell, or to whatever fate the gods have in store.”
The Stranger says, “[T]he pleasure of watching a production willing to take risks on material that (wrongfully) seems outdated is unmistakable.” says, “Margaret Bicknell as Phaedra . . . does present a woman torn in two by competing desires, flashing from fatalistic resignation to furious craving.”

Representative Production Photos

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