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The Skriker

The Skriker, a dark, shape-shifting fairy, is drawn to desperation. After attaching herself to two teenage girls, the Skriker wreaks havoc with their lives, haphazardly granting minor wishes, using dark magic to make flowers rain from the sky and turn words into frogs, and ultimately dragging both girls into a rotting underworld filled with a macabre ensemble of broken fairies. Helpless against her power, the girls become increasingly desperate to save themselves and each other. In one of her most astonishing works, Caryl Churchill seamlessly weaves themes of environmentalism and feminism into a world bursting with creatures from British folklore that are known for drowning and eating children.

THE SKRIKER features the work of: Dayo Anderson, Kasey Brockwell, Valerie Brunetto, Rosie Currier, Jen Dotsey, Linnea Emigh, Danny Fisher-Bruns, Brenan Grant, Eric Grenfell-Phillips, Chelsie Hanner, Zack Hewell, Bethany Hightower, Molly Mahar Lyman, Courtney Meaker, Daniela Melgar, Wilder Nutting-Heath, Beth Raas-Bergquist, Rob Raas-Bergquist, Phoebe Richards, Travis Roderick, Jen Ross, Patrick Savedra, Jessica Stepka, Julia Welch.

Ghost Light Theatricals’ “Ch-Ch-Changes” season rolls into March with Caryl Churchill’s THE SKRIKER and finishes up in April with a new adaptation of THE CLOUDS by Aristophanes.

Ghost Light Theatricals mission is to create bold, imaginative stories inspired by classic texts that resonate with a modern world. Visit our website at for more information and publicity photos.

WHO: Ghost Light Theatricals,,
WHAT: THE SKRIKER by Caryl Churchill
WHEN: March 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th, and 26th at 7:30pm and March 27th at 2:00pm
WHERE: The Ballard Underground, 2220 NW Market, Seattle, WA 98107
TICKETS: $15, $12 students/seniors, at the door