The battle is tonight!

How it works

Battle of the Bards pits three productions against each other for a spot in Ghost Light Theatricals’ upcoming season.
Each ensemble will perform a 20 minute segment and you, the audience, decide the winner. Each dollar you donate is worth one vote.
The production with the most votes at midnight after our Saturday performance will be announced the winner and receive a full production run in Ghost Light Theatricals’ 2017-18 Season.

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Each dollar you donate is worth a vote for your favorite show, just click the “Vote Now” button under the title.

Wings of the Moon

Playwright Kendall Uyeji (left), Director Michael Schwartz (right)

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Everyone knows the story of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun, but that is only a tiny snippet of what actually happened. In this magical adaptation, the story revolves around the father, Daedalus, and his mistakes that led to the birth of the young Minotaur, to his son’s tragic death, to the suicide of the king’s daughter. His choices affected everyone around him like a rippling tide that only ends in destruction. As all the characters fight to avoid their fate, one question permeates throughout. Can people really change or all endings sketched in stone?

Within a Show

Playwright David Gordon (left), Director Samantha Holsworth (right)

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Old William T. Shakespeare, that eloquent sage,
Once said, or, rather, wrote, that “The whole world’s a stage”.
But then if you accept that that statement as true,
Every stage in the world must be on that stage, too.
And to follow that logic, then what is implied
If those stages have also got stages inside
In a massive stage-fractal of shows-within-shows…
Care to find out just how deep this rabbit hole goes?


Playwright Andrew Shanks (left), Director Marcus Williams (right)

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The greek pantheon and professional wrestling collide in KAYFABE, a no-holds-barred family dramedy! After a tragic in-ring accident leaves their father dead, the estranged daughters of the wrestler, Antaeus, meet to hash out his legacy. One daughter seeks vengeance against the man who killed him. One seeks recompense from the gods. One seeks acknowledgement that she even exists. But as memories of their father are shared, they soon realize that line between good and bad is far more complicated than what it seems. Based loosely on the Labors of Hercules, KAYFABE blurs the lines between what is real and what is scripted.

Battle of the Bards is Ghost Light Theatricals’ annual FUNdraiser. The purpose of Battle of the Bards is to raise funds for Ghost Light Theatricals, while simultaneously producing unique and exciting scenes based on classical theatre, providing a laboratory for directors and actors to take risks, and getting in touch with the network of talent in the Seattle theater community.

In Battle of the Bards, three ensembles perform scenes from three classical play adaptations. The audience then picks which play goes into Ghost Light’s 2017-18 Season. Admission includes one vote – additional votes are $1 each. All proceeds support the work of Ghost Light Theatricals.

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