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2220 NW Market Street Lower Level Seattle, WA 98107


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The Ballard Underground
Home of Ghost Light Theatricals
2220 NW Market Street, Lower Level
Seattle, WA 98107

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~2200 Square Feet
~65 mobile Seats
Backstage Space
Green Room
Storage Areas


Full list available upon request

9 Par Cans
6 Altman Fresnels

Heavy duty Cables (legal grade for cabling in the ceiling etc)
9 Short (less thatn 10 f)
9 Medium (10-20 ft)
8 Long (20-50 ft long)

LOTS of raw heavy duty cable
Grid pipes and installation hardware (installed)
Fender PA and 2 speakers
Speaker cables (hooked up)
12/24 board plus RCA cabling to dimmers
3 dimmer packs


$10 / hour for rehearsal
$15 / hour for class or workshops
$200 /$150 (for shows with an intermission) performance for mainstage productions
$175 / $125 (for shows with an intermission) performance for late night productions


A time input below indicates that date / time has been reserved and is not available for rental.